£10 off for Zen Signature Thai Massage!

The Zen Signature Thai Massage treatment focuses on a blend of massage, acupressure and yoga stretching guided by the skilful hands of our therapists. Taking place on our custom made solid wood therapy tables, our therapists will use their hands, elbows, arms, knees and feet to stimulate blood flow, ease stiff muscles and reduce tension.

A yoga-based massage, clients are placed into a range of different positions designed to stretch muscles, nerves and tendons to reduce aches and pains. In addition, a deep tissue oil massage is also undertaken to ensure all clients feel the full force of this healing and invigorating experience.

After your massage we recommend you rehydrate thoroughly and take a warm bath to allow your muscles to fully relax. You can expect to feel a little drowsy after the massage as the toxins are released from your bloodstream.

This massage is designed to relieve stress and tension  that may build up throughout your day or over weeks and months. The deep tissue element can help to undo knots and back tension which can often be caused by frequently sitting at a desk or poor posture.

We recommend a regular course of traditional Thai massage therapy to keep your muscles flexible and to prevent the tightening of nerves and muscles in your head, neck and shoulders.