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Couples VIP Spa Package


Couples VIP Spa Package

Blended herbal Thai Tea followed by:

25 Mins Foot Massage
50 Mins of Zen Thai Spa signature Thai Traditional and Oil Massage
25 Mins of Facial Reflexology Massage
25 Mins Thai Traditional Vegetarian Detox Meal: Fresh Thai Spicy Salad, and Jasmine Rice & Tom Yum Soup

Ignite a shared journey of indulgence with our exclusive “Couples VIP Spa Package” at Zen Thai Spa. Begin this enchanting experience by sipping on a cup of our carefully crafted blended herbal Thai Tea, setting the tone for a truly extraordinary escape. This package is thoughtfully designed to immerse you and your partner in a world of relaxation and connection.

Your pampering odyssey commences with a revitalizing 25-minute Foot Massage, a perfect prelude to the luxurious treats that await. Unwind together as skilled hands alleviate tension and reinvigorate tired feet, paving the way for an experience that only gets better. Immerse yourselves in 50 minutes of Zen Thai Spa’s signature Thai Traditional and Oil Massage, a seamless fusion of ancient techniques and aromatic oils. Feel the stresses of daily life dissolve under the expertise of our therapists, leaving you both in a state of pure bliss.

But the journey doesn’t end there. A symphony of relaxation continues with a 25-minute Facial Reflexology Massage, a touch that harmonizes body and soul, revitalizing both of you from within. As your senses dance in delight, it’s time to savor a moment of culinary delight. Indulge in a 25-minute Thai Traditional Vegetarian Detox Meal – a refreshing Thai Spicy Salad paired with fragrant Jasmine Rice and comforting Tom Yum Soup. Nourish your bodies after the indulgence of relaxation, completing your experience on a harmonious note.

Crafted for couples seeking a truly special experience, the “Couples VIP Spa Package” encapsulates relaxation, connection, and culinary delight. Let Zen Thai Spa be the backdrop for unforgettable shared memories as you luxuriate in each other’s company and discover the art of being present together. This package is a celebration of love, relaxation, and rejuvenation – the perfect way to make cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

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