Hot Stone Therapy Massage

For those who are looking for complete relaxation, or a deeper massage with the aid of heat, hot stone therapy is an excellent option. A popular alternative to a traditional deep tissue massage, the use of hot stones allows your therapist to really dig deep into troublesome areas, releasing tension and helping to reduce pain from muscle injuries.

Hot stone therapy involves the placement of specifically heated stones across your body and back, which are then worked across your body by your therapist to release tension and remove deep rooted aches and knots from your body. A highly effective and powerful therapy for those who are serious about getting rid of persistent aches and pains.

  • 50Mins (Standard)


  • 50Mins (Senior Therapist)


  • 50Mins (Health Director)


  • 75Mins (Standard)


  • 75Mins (Senior Therapist)


  • 75Mins (Health Director)


  • 100Mins (Standard)


  • 100Mins (Senior Therapist)


  • 100Mins (Health Director)