Aromatherapy Massage

If you are looking to pamper yourself or simply relax and unwind then book in for an aromatherapy massage to soothe your body and mind. Our trained masseuses will envelop your body in essential oils which will not only smooth and rehydrate your skin, but also aid in releasing tension, stress and strain from deep within your muscles.

Utilising a variety of gentle and wide strokes and pressures combined with essential oils, our aromatherapy massages are designed to leave you in a state of total relaxation. This is a full body massage so you will feel relaxation from head to toe, but if you do have particularly troublesome joints or muscles, let your therapist know and she can focus on those areas specifically.

Treat yourself to an aromatherapy massage and enjoy a couple of hours of bliss. Choose from a variety of oils and ointments that enhance your treatment and your feeling of well-being.

  • 50Mins (Standard)


  • 50Mins (Senior Therapist)


  • 50Mins (Health Director)


  • 75Mins (Standard)


  • 75Mins (Senior Therapist)


  • 75Mins (Health Director)


  • 100Mins (Standard)


  • 100Mins (Senior Therapist)


  • 100Mins (Health Director)